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What is Pinthaifood?

Pinthaifood is a service to search for restaurants or takeaway or Thai shops. From the best restaurants in the city, We work with the most popular restaurants in town and serve online advertisements for restaurants or takeaway or grocery stores. If you are a person who likes Thai food But the location of the restaurant is unknown. Pinthaifood has collected Thai restaurants or take-away or Thai food shops at You can see the services of various stores. From information through web pages Or simply click to order Through the website That connects directly to various online ordering services You can go to the store with the Google map available on the page of that restaurant.

What kind of restaurants can you find with us?

Pinthaifood’s mission is to help you find the ideal Thai restaurants, depending on your search criteria, as well as inspiring you with the help of the community feedback and ratings.

Don’t forget about us when you are traveling! We are in several countries and you can find a Thai restaurant or Thai Take Away or Thai shop with us anywhere on our website.

Enjoy the world of Thai gastronomy without barriers to

I have a restaurant and want to start working with you.

With pleasure! If your restaurant is in Stockholm, Hammarby Sjöstad, Solna, Sundbyberg, Uppsala, Gothenburg, Malmö, or any cities in Sweden, please email us at

Or register at page Register And tell us about your restaurant, we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the restaurant/takeaway/shop building in our Pinthaifood.

What information can I find on the restaurants main page?

In each restaurant page, you will find all the necessary information to find your ideal restaurant:

  • Real photos of the restaurant.
  • Ratings of the restaurant from Pinthaifood community.
  • An extract of the menu, so that you can have a rough idea of the price of the dishes. Remember that this information is orientative.
  • A description of the restaurant.
  • You have the Average price of the restaurant/takeaway/shop, which is based on the average price. These prices are orientative, since the information has been given to us by the restaurant.
  • You have the direction of the restaurant with information on how to arrive, the closest parking and their opening hours.
  • You also have details of the services that the restaurants offers (payment methods, access…)

Remember that we work everyday to improve the information on our web page, and if you find that something is missing you can always contact us at

How are the restaurants selected? Share with us your suggestions!

Which are the criterias we use to choose the restaurants published in Pinthaifood?

In fact, it is usually them who choose us. The only requirement is to feel like becoming one of our collaborators and provide a quality service.

Being published with Pinthaifood is for free, The restaurant position in the ranking depends on the ratings users leave after visiting the restaurant.

Why? Because you are our favourite Thai gastronomic critics. By leaving a review after attending the restaurant, our guide is built not only for you, but also by you.

How to organize your search?

By default, when you search for a restaurant on Pinthaifood, results will appear ordered by relevance.

The ranking by relevance allows you to first see restaurants with the best ratio rating/number of reviews and best offer. This is why your reviews are key to determine this order.

If you are looking for a restaurant according to specific criteria:
• Enter the restaurant name, type of cuisine or location
• Click on “Search”

How to search with Pinthaifood?

To find a restaurant with Pinthaifood, you need to fill in the search bars on the main page and follow the instructions.

You can search by the city where you would like to dine, by putting in the name of the city, the name of the street, the metro…

Once you have chosen these criteria, don´t forget to narrow down your search with our numerous filters that you can find on the left side of the result page.

These tools will help you get the results that will adapt to what you like!

Introduce your restaurant to the world

A detailed profile of your restaurant is published on

You manage your restaurant’s image and update the information on your profile.

This detailed profile provides an online showcase for your restaurant and allows you to increase your online visibility.

Pinthaifood makes every effort to ensure that your restaurant is optimized on search engines (Google, Facebook, Instagram …) and works with a network of over 100 partner sites. Not a single customer will be able to miss your restaurant.

“90% of  customers use the Internet to look for Thai restaurants/Thai takeaway/Thai shop”

Offers and Rates

Click here and find out which offer is best for you:

Where can I contact to Pinthaifood?

You can contact us by email :


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