Terms and conditions

Terms, conditions, and bots About accessing the website Pinthaifood.se in Sweden

Welcome to the website. Pinthaifood.se Or display of websites on mobile devices As well as various applications Related (Collectively, “website”) This website is created to help customers find information about Thai restaurants or Thai takeaway or Thai shops. Expressing opinions on various matters About the product And a Thai restaurant or a Thai takeaway or Thai food shop in Sweden In addition, the word “Company” in “Pinthaifood.se” refers to UMAKUE, the website administrator. Officially “Pinthaifood.se” Under the company’s “Pinthaifood” project “UMAKUE”, the term “you” refers to a customer who visits the website and / or sends various information. Visit the website

You can access this website. Provided that you agree to any terms, conditions, and bots. All of the following states, without any change, (Collectively, the “Agreement”) your access or use of this website in any way. You agree to be bound by this Agreement. And show that you have read and understood the terms of this website Please read the agreement carefully. Because it contains information about your legal rights and the restrictions on them As well as topics on governing law and jurisdiction when disputes.

In the future, the company May change or revise these terms and conditions. And you understand and agree that your continued access to or use of this website after any such change indicates that you have accepted the modified or revised agreement. Where the last amendment was made at the bottom of this page. And any amendments will take effect from the moment of the announcement. The company will notify members of the content of these terms and conditions changes by sending a notice to the email address at the company. Received when registering or with a notice on the Company’s website Please come back to this page regularly to review the most current version of the Agreement.


Use of the Website

In accordance with the terms of use of this website, you represent that (1) all information you submit to this website is true, accurate, current, and complete. (2) If you have an account of Pinthaifood.se How do you protect your account information? And will take full responsibility for anyone other than you to use your account. (3) You are at least 18 years of age in order to register to create an account and submit information to the website. Of the Company and (4) you have the lawful authority to enter into this Agreement and to access this Website in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

Pinthaifood.se Will does not collect information from any person under the age of 18 with a good knowledge of the company reserves the right at the discretion of the company. Its sole purpose of denying anyone access to this website and any services provided by the Company on this website is at any time and for any reason. Including but not limited to any breach of this Agreement

Copying, transmitting, reproducing, reproducing, publishing, or redistributing the content or any portion of this website is strictly prohibited. Unless with written permission from Pinthaifood.se first.

Advertising registration

1.Initiating advertising
1.1 Allowing advertisers
Companies that serve Thai restaurants or Thai Take Away or Thai shops (Thai Restaurant, Thai Take Away, Thai Shop) can advertise on the web.


1.2 Unauthorized advertisers
A person who does not have a valid place to do business on behalf of a company Or those who are open to cooking at home Or someone who is specific to sell products These will not be allowed. Any person or company that has a hidden business And we have been reported or verified to be true will be immediately disqualified from the use of advertising space on the website. And you will be responsible for the remaining space rent under the lease agreement


1.3 Inventory order
Anyone who wants to advertise on the website can do so by signing up through the Register page and choosing to add ads in the desired position (Price). You can select more than one position and fill in the information about the company. Pinthaifood.se We reserve the right to review and review any information submitted before any publication. Pinthaifood.se We reserve the right to reject advertisers after each evaluation under the terms of the agreement.


1.4 Advertising costs
Standard advertising is a free service of Pinthaifood.se There are no additional costs or hidden costs.

Advertisers can purchase the main page ad space on the website on the ad rental space in an additional agreement.

Rental advertising comes at a cost, which is completely different from standard advertising.


1.5 Advertising period for hire purchase and standard
Standard ads will be published on the website within 30 minutes of being published. We reserve the right to verify the information about the shops that use the area. If it is found that you are breaking any of the rules Pinthaifood.se Will delete your shop without prior notice.

For hire purchase ads, they will be published within 1 business day or within 24 hours after Pinthaifood has been approved.


1.6 Advertising characteristics and content
The first time an advertiser wants to register to rent advertising space on the website Pinthaifood.se Must register the contactable details indicated on the website.

When a merchant registers an ad, they will receive a reference number. (Customer number) used for contact with All Pinthaifood.se are the primary documents used to pay for the rental of advertising space on the website.

The website has a standard format, which means that the ads registered on this website cannot be changed.

The website is not involved in opening reservations. Or restaurant discounts Users can change or display information on the website by sending an email to support@pinthaifood.se

In the section of Facilities, Delivery, Payment, Reservation & Other services, the user can select the facilities that your store has and must match the reality that you have chosen to be displayed on the website.

Advertisers may register, upload images to advertisements after registration. The permitted image formats are JPG, PNG, or GIF and the size does not exceed 1000 kB. Linking in any ad except on the “Website” or “Facebook” or “Instagram” section, that advertisers may link to their website. Advertiser and Facebook This link can only be directed to the homepage on the advertiser company website or Facebook page, as in “email” may be linked to the advertiser email address.


1.7 Advertising and Services
If a user wants to create an ad for a new store If the same company but different branches, users can create more stores from the same member system. If you open a new store under a different company name, you must register a membership for a new store in order to avoid duplication of the system on the website.


1.8 Other criteria About advertising
Ads that may be confused with editorial content may be labeled “TMG” unless the advertiser chooses to change the design in the ad.

Pinthaifood has a clear distinction between advertising and editorial content to mark its independence. Advertisers and sponsors cannot contribute to this description.

Pinthaifood reserves the right to remove any ads that violate the rules or agreements between TMG and the advertiser.

Pinthaifood is committed to adhering to both national and international advertising rules in the countries where Pinthaifood operates, so all advertisers and sponsors must do the same. Advertisers are responsible for ensuring this happens.

The fact that Pinthaifood accepts advertisements cannot be considered product/service suggestions and the company cannot be held responsible for the services or products offered by advertisers.

2. Location for advertising rental space.
2.1 Allowing advertisers to choose the placements they want to advertise.

Via Pinthaifood.se May order management of the site’s inventory position. At first activation

2.2 Ad placement
Anyone who wants to post a rental advertisement on the website. Can be done by contacting us Payment process, price or topic to advertise You can contact for more information at support@pinthaifood.se

2.3 Publishing period for rental of advertising space
The release period is 30 days per month after the release date. If there is no renewal according to the registered agreement We will remove ads immediately after the agreement expires.

Once you have registered the advertisement details in accordance with the agreement. After the date of publication on the website You can get more customers from the website, but Pinthaifood.se The growing number of customers is not guaranteed.

2.4 Advertising and Services
There are several parts of inventory placement. The price is much less depending on the area. And the position of that ad


3.Payment terms

3.1 Net Invoice Payment 15 days after you have confirmed the Advertising Registration. Regarding VAT and invoice, a 30 SEK fee will be added to all invoices. In case of delay Or not payment via Pinthaifood.se Will charge a fee of 50 SEK calls and interest of 12% in line with the interest act. And will close ads temporarily or permanently from the website until full payment is made.


3.2 Via Pinthaifood.se Have the right to act rightfully If the user breaks the rules or the contract agreement The contract will be terminated provided the User pays all payments in accordance with the terms of the specified contract.


4. Disclosure of information
Customer information is kept confidential. If information is published that is not caused by the error Pinthaifood.se Will not be responsible for any


5. Safety

Pinthaifood.se There is strictly technical and organizational measures to protect contact information. Register through website access. The website is protected when creating an account on the website. The only way to access the website and change the information registered for users and in advertisements is through Pinthaifood contact and the correct username. All information and direct communication between users. Pinthaifood.se Without permission to access this information, all communications and transfers between the user and the website are encrypted via Secure Sockets Layer SSL, regardless of these measures. Pinthaifood.se Can not be guaranteed.

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